Utah Couple Takes "Newborn" Photos With New Supercharger


A Utah couple keeps getting hounded by their moms to hurry up on the grandchildren, so they decided to do a full on baby photo shoot with their new bundle of joy.... his Mustang supercharger.

Brayden Tomicic said he and his wife, Payton are getting the typical hounding from Moms and in-laws, "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA HAVE KIDS?" Most couples deal with that after being married a year or two. Just to prank their moms though, the couple had just ordered a super-charger for his Mustang GT, so they did a full photoshoot as if it was the baby.

"The last two years Payton and I have been preparing for this moment and finally the time has come," Brayden wrote on Facebook. "It's something I have always wanted but never knew how soon it was going to happen. We have been truly blessed this last year and finally it is here."

This is absolutely hilarious! And well done! He might as well do it now, cause when they do have kids... you can't afford stuff like that.

I got shot down but planned on naming my kids, Harley, Sea Ray and Tesla..... because that's the only way I was going to own any of those now.


(Source: UPI)



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