Catholic School Principle Arrested During Field Trip At Strip Club


Louisiana Catholic Principle Michael Comeau is going on the #MoronMonday list. Even aside from the bad example of going to a strip club, this moron got so intoxicated that they kicked him out and then what happened next landed him in jail and jobless.

Holy Family Catholic school in Louisiana took students to D.C. to learn about the government and see all the landmarks. Once the kids where safe in the hotel, Comeau thought it would be a great idea to hit up the local strip bar and drop some bills. Well..... sort of.

Had he kept low key and cabbed it back to the hotel, no one would've been the wiser. According to police reports, he did quite the opposite of that. Comeau caused a commotion by refusing to pay his tab, so police where called as he was booted from the club. That's when he stood in the middle of the road and refused "multiple" police orders to move out of the way of traffic. He was cuffed and arrested for public intoxication and open container, according to WAFB



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