Georgia Couple Gets Engaged 30Ft. Underwater in Dominican Republic


I just got back from my vacation in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last week. Then I came across this story of a couple who was there too that got engaged 30ft. underwater!

Travis Grenier planned for months to do a diving trip with his girlfriend Kenna. He contacted the diving school and set up an elaborate proposal that she didn't know about too. The couple is from Georgia and took a fun diving trip to Punta Cana. When they where underwater getting instructions, that's when Travis pulled out the ring and attempted to get on a knee in the water. He had a GoPro ready to catch all the action too.

SHE SAID YES!! So we think. Sounded more like "Blub.. Blub... Blub".

Sietz told SWNS, “The snuba was incredible, it is so beautiful down there. The instructor started to gesture for us to get together for a picture on our GoPro towards the end of the dive,” Seitz told SWNS. “I stood up and when I looked down Travis was on his knee holding a little treasure chest. I opened the box and it was the most beautiful treasure I could have imagined. I started screaming. It was the most special moment. We even kissed through our masks.”

She had a hunch when Travis started acting a little odd. He apparently was so nervous he was gonna lose the ring.

Thank God no dolphins or fish took off with it either. They love shiny stuff. This could've been a big fail in a lot of ways. But the happy couple made it work and are on the way to the alter.



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