O.J. Simpson Announced Hes Back On Twitter, And Things Got Creepy


Today is the 25th Anniversary of the infamous bronco chase with O.J. Simpson, after being accused of his ex-wife's murder. Ultimately he was acquitted but many have their opinions about O.J. Now he's back on twitter to share his thoughts.

Over 600K people flocked to follow the once praised superstar football star and actor, now disgraced by a double murder charge and prison time for armed robbery. After watching "If I Did It", the unreleased interviews about his book. I personally have no question that, regardless of the verdict, this man had a lot to do with those murders. That's irrelevant now though. What is super creepy is how he introduced himself back to the world and announced his Twitter account. His last little quip send chills up my spine, knowing what we know.




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