WWII Veteran Finally Walks The Stage For H.S. Graduation Diploma


94-Year-old William Wagner never got to get his High School diploma because he was deployed by the Navy into WW II his senior year. 76 years later, thanks to his son, William got to walk the stage at his High School.

On June 12, 1943, Wagner joined the Navy, serving as a cook on board the USS Yosemite. A few months before he could graduate they said "punk you got a number, you gotta go". His son Forrest Wagner secretly asked Tilden High School if his father could walk for their graduation and they said yes. It was a memorable birthday present for the veteran. He called it his second favorite moment in life, next to marrying his wife of 30 years.

What an amazing and inspiring story. This just made me so happy listening to him talk and watching the joy he felt finally getting to do that, all thanks to his son!

(ABC Chicago)



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