Carrie Underwood Is Getting Sued Over Her Sunday Night Football Song


One woman is convinced that Carrie Underwood ripped off her song and wants her to pay up big for it! "Game On" the Sunday Night Football theme is the song in question.

Heidi Merrill has filed a lawsuit again Underwood claiming that she wrote a song called "Game On" several years before Carrie and when she saw it on Sunday Night Football, she felt she'd bee ripped off.

Merril even says she had a meeting with Mark Bright, the guy who produced the hit for Carrie, months before and talked about any opportunities with the NFL. Then he pretty much ghosted her and stole the song for Carrie, allegedly. Merrill says is "substantially -- even strikingly -- similar, if not identical" to her song.

She is suing Carrie, Bright, the NFL and CBS, which could end up in a HUGE payday.

See what you think:


Despite the horrible, cheesy lyrics and bad vocals. I can hear some similarities in the drum cadence and progression but I'm on the fence. I don't think Underwood's crew needs to go stealing songs to make hits. They do that pretty well on their own.

What are your thoughts?



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