Fisherman Lose It When They Have A Close Encounter With A 16-Ft Great White


It's a rare moment when you get close enough to a massive great white shark, that you can literally pet it. A group of fisherman off the New Jersey Coast had that close encounter and just lost it!

"Holy S***! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!," can be heard by one of the men who got to see a huge Great White up close, as the shark came up and bit into their yellow bait bag. Scott Crilly told WPVI-TV that they where headed in from a fishing tournament when out of nowhere this shark approached the boat and came up to grab some food.

I can't imagine the excitement and adrenaline to see something like that. Definitely a bucklist for me. I want to have a close, yet safe encounter with a large shark at some point.

"Best day ever on the water," Crilly wrote in a Facebook post.



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