Idiot Thief Videotaped His Entire Getaway On Surveillance Camera He Stole


All the expensive tools and paint supplies he stole weren't enough, so a Louisiana criminal even stole the security camera. This made it REALLY easy for police to find and identify him. #MoronMonday

Police in Houghton, LA had a pretty easy task finding Franklin Welzbacher Jr. after a garage theft of expensive tools and paint supplies, because he recorded himself all the way home. The owner had set the camera up as he was having work done to his garage and wanted to make sure his stuff wasn't stolen. Not only did the camera get a great shot of his neighbors face, but it also live streamed the entire getaway and even inside the crooks house.

(Photo: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)

Wlzbacher Jr. is being held now at the Bossier maximum Security Facility with a $10,000 bond. Police didn't believe his story that he was told he could borrow the tools. Especially when he didn't have much to say about why he took the camera too.

YOU SIR!! Are a moron!

(Shreveport Times)



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