"Tiger Yoga" New Trend In Florida


Yoga is supposed to be a great relax for your health and mental well-being. However, when doing it with real tiger, like in Florida, I'm not sure it's either of those!

I've heard of goat yoga (that still seems odd to me) and even cat yoga, but would you try "Tiger Yoga?" The Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota is offering this for $40/class over the summer and people are flocking to sign up. Kimberly Martinez is a regular yoga student and she told WFLA, "it's not your typical close your eyes and go into your inner place and stay focused." NO CAUSE THERE ARE DEADLY ANIMALS AROUND YOU! I get it they are in cages, but not sure I can get into the mood for yoga when peering eyes are looking at me like lunch.



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