Couple Arrested For Sex In Illegally Parked Car At Police Station


Sometimes you gotta spice up your sex-life and try new locations.... just make sure, if it's the car 1. you're not illegally parked and 2. IT'S NOT A POLICE STATION!! #MoronMonday

Police in a suburb of Detroit had a pretty odd arrest this weekend, when a couple decided the best place to heat things up was in a police parking lot. Just to make sure they didn't look even more suspicious, they parked illegally with a spot marked for "municipal parking only". WHAT?! I mean... that's dumb on MANY levels! Why not a dark park or church parking lot like the rest of us? (wait... that just me?)

The lovebirds were each cited for disorderly conduct and directed to appear in District Court on August 14.

(Smoking Gun)



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