Teen In NY Just Crushed The World Record Solving Rubix With His Feet

"I'll take things that have no practical use in life for $1,000 Alex." A Teen in NY was beside himself when all the time and training he put in helped him break the Rubix Cube World Record with his feet.

Daniel Rose-Levine holds the Guinness World Record for solving a Rubik’s cube, with his feet. Levine could barely speak when he accomplished the World record feat....or is it feet?! In a short 16.9 seconds, he used only his toes to put all the colors in order and was timed by Guinness. Friends and family cheered when he actually made it happen!

Rose-Levine has been testing his skill with his hands at the Rubix since he was 11 but wanted to try a different version and break the record with his feet, because the current record of 3.47 second with your hands is nearly impossible to beat. It's held by Chinese student Yusheng Du.

Hundreds will take an attempt at his record at the New York City Math Festival this weekend, but Du said, "The only way someone can beat me is if I mess up or get extremely unlucky.”

Source:New York Post

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