Internet Can't Tell If This Woman's Eyes Are Real Or Not?!


Visual Artists Maria Oz is causing an internet debate about her large eyes! She's known for visually creating art with pictures but claims her eyes are 100% real and not altered in her pics. What do you think? I think she may actually be the mother of my child Kuechly!

Instagram Model Maria Oz, a young Ukrainian visual artist and model with unusually large eyes is causing a stir online. She's got 117,000 followers and most think she's got the world's largest eye balls. Oz has done visual art with her pictures before by making her neck long or coloring her eyes, but claims she hasn't altered how big her eyes are. Many famous people and IG models alter their bodies and features regularly on the Fakestagram, so do you think she does it for effect or it's all real? (see more pics of her on OddityCentral)


I've never met her but I think she may be the mother of my 1 year old Kuechly.... cause his eyes are huge too!


(Picture Credit: Getty Images)



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