Safety Worker Delivers A Baby At A Gas Station During Hurricane Dorian


I hope they named the new baby Dorian.... or maybe Hurricane. Either way, it wasn't about to wait out the storm in mommies tummy, A Putnam County safety employee had to help deliver a baby as the Hurricane it Florida.

Hurricane Dorian just made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 storm but Tuesday night it was still a Cat 3 and pounding on parts of Florida. Health and safety specialist, Gene Morgante, helped deliver the baby at a gas station parking lot as Hurricane Dorian started it's rampage in Putnam Country, FL. The mother went into labor before she could make it to the hospital, probably from the stress of the bad weather hitting their city. She pulled over into the gas station and Morgante noticed her in distress and jumped into action.

He was out surveying and looking for anyone that may need help in the bad storm and he found more than he could've imagined. He was honored by his coworkers at Putnam County Emergency Services and given the title of "Health Safety Officer of the Day". He was assisted by some other emergency teams, as well.




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