Groom's Ex Shows Up In Wedding Dress At His Wedding


I can't think of much that would be more awkward at a wedding, than my ex showing up in a wedding dress to try and win me back. It happened to a man in China and this video is going viral!

A woman just took the "speak now" wedding line to an extreme. She used it as her opportunity to win back the man that got away. At the moment this Chinese newly wed couple was about to share their "first kiss", the grooms crazy ex ran in scream "It was all my fault" and grabbing the groom. She was even decked out in a designer wedding gown for the occasion.

This has to be the WORST nightmare for any bride! As for the groom, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. No way to properly recover from that one, even though it wasn't your fault. He immediately pulls in arm away, in the video that was originally shared by an entertainment blogger in China, then it went crazy viral.

Props to the emcee on the mic for trying to recover in the moment, he said 'we have an unexpected situation here' before adding 'perhaps this is the reality of love'.

SO AWKWARD for everyone there! WOW!




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