Mother Of The Year Leaves 3-Year-Old In Car To Go Strip

Broward County Mugshot

2 awards for this moron, #MotherofTheYear and #MoronMonday for the woman who thought leaving her daughter in the car while she danced for dollars was a good plan! #facepalm

Manouchika Daniels, 23, apparently had trouble getting a sitter to go to work her shift at the Vegas Cabaret (an all-nude club) so she thought it was "take your daughter to work day". Daniels was inside the club at 2:30 A.M. when Broward Country Police responded to a call of a child alone in a parking lot.

She heard of the commotion and came outside (hopefully with clothes on) and informed the police that she was the mother of the little girl who was asleep in the Toyota Corolla. They informed her that it's a felony and put cuffs on her. The child went with Protective Services.

Such a poor excuse for a mom. So much could've happened. The little girl could've woken up and went to find mom, she could've been kidnapped. Even worse, Vegas is ALWAYS hot, she could've died in the car. (The Smoking Gun)



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