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Sexy Lori Loughlin Prison Costume New This Halloween

Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin Appear In Federal Court To Answer Charges Stemming From College Admissions Scandal

Lori Loughlin, or Aunt Becky as we know her from Full House, has been a huge news story this year. now she's gonna be one of this years hottest Halloween Costumes. The sexy prison jumpsuit with "Mom Of The Year" crossed out is selling fast.

Loughlin was caught up in the college admissions scandal this year and is facing a lot of jail time for bribing college admissions staff with large donations and having her daughter admitted as a recruit for the rowing team at USC.

Yandy.com, a lingerie website, just released the "Sexy college scandal" prison jumpsuit. It says "Mom Of The Year Inmate" on the spandex crop top with tight orange pants.

You may want to carry and oar or have your daughter follow you around in a USC rowing sweatshirt too. Spice it up a little.

Jezebel.com came up with their own DIY version as well. This one may actually be more fun to put together and more creative. It's based on how she dresses a lot in public.

Here is what they suggest:

"You’ll need:

  • A large, cream-colored hat and/or visor. It must fully envelope your forehead, and bigger is better.
  • Oversized aviator sunglasses.
  • A black turtle neck or white and/or cream linen top. Maybe a t-shirt from a proper fashion house, or perhaps a brand name jean jacket. You know, the (alleged) crime mom off-duty look.
  • A large purse to hide all of your secrets and court documents in.
  • A short ass skirt (or something), and high heels. (That’s what makes it sexy, obviously.)"

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Add in a USC Mom t-shirt
  • Carry a wad of fake money and keep trying to bribe people for their spot in the bar line all night
  • carry an oar with USC logo on it.
  • Create an orange jumpsuit with "USC Mom" in place of Inmate, then have your daughter wear a boat costume wrapped around her and keep rowing her way around all night. Pinterest has a great DIY boat costume.

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