Kane Brown Share A Tear-Jerker New Song Clip "Grew Up Without A Dad"

2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 – Broadcast

Kane Brown got super REAL on his new song about not having a father figure growing up and the feeling he now has with a baby on the way. You've got to hear the clip of "Grew Up Without A Father". It spoke to my soul.

Brown was raised in Georgia by his mother and grandmother. He always tells a story at his shows about how his grandma saved his life and sent an abusive step-dad to prison when he was young. He never had a real father figure and now about to be a Dad himself, he put this song together to express those feeling and it's POWERFUL!

My father was in the picture every other weekend. He missed a lot of big moments of me playing football and singing on a stage as I grew up. He always said the words but didn't show a lot of actions, so this song hit me hard. I've dealt with a lot of those suppressed feelings becoming a Dad myself and the line about "you taught what not to do" is EVERYTHING!



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