Mom's Halloween Pics of Kids Has People Saying Her Kids Should Be Taken


One Mom is taking a lot of backlash from photos of her kids for Halloween go viral. Some even saying it's abuse and the kids should be taken away because of the gory zombies she dressed them like.

Halloween is not everyone bag, I get it! But everyone has their own interests and holidays they get excited for. Halloween is traditionally gory and bloody, but many thought this mom went "too far" with her kids Halloween pics. I don't! NEWS FLASH FB Trolls, not everyone cares about your opinion. Keep Scrolling!

“I can now show her the photos of herself dressed up scary and explain that monsters and zombies aren’t real at all, they’re just regular people dressed up just like she was,” she says.

She wasn't harming her kids in anyway and maybe she's a big fan of Walking Dead. Let her be the parent to her kids, that's what I think. As a parent, there is nothing more annoying than other people giving their unwarranted opinions on how I should parent.

I love Halloween, can't say I'd do the same with my kids but to each their own. She wasn't doing it for it to go viral. She said she just shared it to show family and friends and it exploded. That's when she got all the backlash. (NYPost)



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