IL Man Gives Police Fake Name With Real Name Tattooed On Neck

Matthew C. Bushman, Coles County Mugshot

If you choose a life of crime, identifying marks (i.e. tattoos) aren't a great idea, ESPECIALLY when it's your name! #MoronMonday

Police had a warrant for a Matthew C. Bushman in Peoria, IL for forgery charges. Local police near Mattoon, IL spotted a 36-year-old man who looked like the picture on the warrant in Peoria and stopped to chat with him. Despite his very visible tattoo that said "Matty B" on his throat, Bushman gave police a fake name. GENIUS!

As you may have guessed, he didn't fool police at all. He just caught a few more charges for obstructing justice and lying to police. You are a freaking moron man! The little sperm by your eye was also a great move too!

Funny thing is I grew up near Peoria, IL so this doesn't shock me at all. Not the sharpest tools in crime there in Peoria!



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