Parents With Baby Missed Death By Just Feet When Car Runs Red Light


It's hard to not believe in guardian angels watching this shocking cart accident in Phoenix on video, when a couple and their baby escaped death by just a few feet. MUST WATCH

The Lord was watching over this couple who where crossing an intersection in Phoenix at night. They had the crosswalk sign, they probably should've been a little more cautious with the turning traffic coming towards them too, but out of nowhere, a speeding SUV barrels right towards them, blowing the red light. The only thing that saved there life, was a turning vehicle with the right of way side-swiped the SUV and pushed it out of their path!

HOLY COW! I'd be like "Lord, whatever you need! I see you! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Police believe the driver that caused the crash may have been intoxicated. This could've been so much worse! WOW!



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