Man Climbs Scales Prison Wall To Win His Love Back

Almost like a modern day Romeo and Juliet.... redneck version, a German teen got broken up with on the phone but couldn't let go. That's when he scaled a prison wall and tried to win her back. #MoronMonday

A lovesick 18-year-old couldn't let his ex-girlfriend leave him like that, so he broke into her current residence ....unfortunately it was a German prison.

He was so determined to not be separated from his love, he scaled a 13-foot wall and climbed up to the barred window of her cell. Prison officials found him dangling from the window, half-naked and heartbroken. He refused but was eventually captured and told gaurds he wasn't wearing much clothing so he could avoid getting snagged by the barbed wire. 

He may now be facing charges of trespassing and unauthorized contact with an inmate... maybe waiting for visitation or sending a hand written love note would've been a little smarter. (BBC)



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