Hunter Shoots His Brother Thinking He's A Deer


You gotta be careful who you take with you to hunt... you might end up the target. Two brothers in Iowa where hunting deer when one mistook the other for dinner... well it didn't end well. #MoronMonday

A hunter had to be airlifted after being shot by his brother in Michigan while hunting. A 28-year-old man from Iowa was in a deer stand with his muzzle-loader ready when he got excited that a deer was in his path. He hurried to aim when he saw something move ahead of him and fired. Well.... it was his 29-year-old brother in the line of fire. According to reports, he was out looking for a deer he had wounded earlier and the two didn't communicate well. It ended with a life-flight to the ER.

“Investigation on the scene and in follow up interviews determined this was by all accounts an accidental shooting that occurred after the men were looking for a deer that one brother had shot earlier with his muzzle loading rifle,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Who brought Elmer Fudd?!




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