Georgia Man Holds Hilarious Sign After Wife Spends 2 Hrs In Target

Jeremy Tuck from Forest Park, GA is going viral for getting fed up with his wife's marathon Target run, so he holds a hilarious sign out front until she gets back. We may need to start a support group for men who have dealt with this same occurrence. I definitely have!

Tuck wrote on Facebook "I will not be silent" and shared a picture of his plight. He was stranded at Target waiting for his wife to finish her crazy long shopping trip to Target, probably fearing for his wallet's life. I mean I've been in that store for 15 mins before and spent well over $100.... this was a real emergency. I get it. "Not homeless. Wife in Target 2+ hours. Please help!" it read.

Many men have dealt with this same thing and that's why his sign is so funny and going viral so fast.

Tuck is a pastor at Living Faith Tabernacle in Forest Park and just wanted to go home. So he tried getting help from other men in the parking lot who also where OVER IT!

Akila Cooper Tuck, his wife, commented on the post, "I wish I could get a $1 for how many times my husband’s 'funny' Target picture has been shared," she wrote on Facebook. "He’s gone viral all for making fun of me 'budget' shopping at Target. I think I deserve something for all my troubles!"



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