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Worst Holiday Guests


We're all about to be bombarded by family and friends over the holiday, and not everyone has respect or manners when it comes to your house and your stuff. Otis asked the Oshow Fam what's the worst thing a family member/guest did when they stayed at your house?

From stories of people setting the guest room on fire, to holes in the ceiling, to cloggin up the entire plumbing system... things can go bad really quick! Anything like that happen to you before?

Listen to some of the stories:

My Facebook friends got into the mix too with some pretty wild stories. One wrote, "they brought their kids over with lice and all my kids got it. I had to clean absolutely everything. So disgusting!"

Another comment: "Used my razor....on his face! My uncle said I hope you don’t mind I used your razor...well I hope you don’t mind I just shaved my butthole with it"

Or we've all had this relative: "Brought nothing, complained that we didnt have enough food (he ate more than eveyone) then bitched because we were watching football and he wanted to watch the news.

Told my wife to get him another beer. Told. Her.He was her uncle but was still told to never come back"

Nope! Nope! Nope! Ain't family fun? Happy Thanksgiving!

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