Teen Gets Stuck In Chimney Trying To Get Into Her Own House


Look...if you're not Santa, the chimney is a horribly stupid way to try to get into your home if you are locked out. One teen in Phoenix, AZ found out the hard way. #MoronMonday

Phoenix fire crews got a fairly odd call this Christmas season, and it wasn't Santa stuck in a chimney. It was a 17-year-old girl trying to gain access to her house when she got locked out. Fox10 talked with her friend Yasmeen who called 911 to get her friend out of the tight space. Apparently, she didn't have the needed Christmas magic to pass through her chimney stack.

Yasmeen told the Fox news crew they tried several other ways to break into the house but that's when her friend had the chimney plan. She quickly learned that was a bad idea."She was panicking," she told Fox 10. "She was, like, 'call 911!' She couldn't breathe."

Firefighters took about an hour to pull her out of the stack and get her to safety. She wasn't injured, just needed a good shower!



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