Weird Things You Found At Your Parents House Over The Holiday

The holidays are a great time to reminisce and go through some old stuff at your parents. You may also come across some odd things that give you a lot of questions. #Weirdstuffmyparentsown is trending so Otis asked the OShow fam and it got interesting. From rubber gloves and drug pee cups, to possum pets.

My mother is a hoarder of all things we owned as a kid and things from the past that have memories attached. Her basement is full of odd treasures that we find every time and just ask "WHY?" I think she still has a sequin vest I wore in choir. She also handed me a box of old High school notes from the girl I dated, like I wanted to keep those at my house now. Uh.... NO!

Listen to what some callers said:


Twitter had some pretty creepy and funny things that people had found. Creepy dolls in the attic, the upside down exercise thing (Does that even do anything?), or a giant cat shower curtain. Check these out:



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