94-Year-Old Grandmother Meets Alexa For The 1st Time

Our elderly kinfolk aren't always living in the same world us youngins are with all our gadgets and malarkey we like to own. That's what make this video hilarious from Thanksgiving, where a 94-year-old grandma meet Alexa.

One woman from Boulder, CO takes care of her elderly mother and decided to show her this new device she got for the house. It's pretty funny to see how she reacts.

She wrote on the post, "I am the live in caregiver for my Mother. Nov. 25 we celebrated her 94th birthday on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, CO. Other than short term memory and hearing issues, Mom is amazing for her age. She can climb into my truck, and her Grandson’s Jeep! On Nov. 26 we were hit with a major store storm, forcing us inside for the day. Trying to pass the time, I decided to show Mom the wonders of technology and teach Mom, rather, attempt to teach Mom, how to use the Echo Dot. Her first meeting with Alexa was hilarious! Not quite able to grasp the order of things, she tried in vain to get a report on the amount of snow that had fallen. Eventually, Alexa won this round, and Mom laughingly gave up."

(Video credit: ViralHog)

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