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Peloton's New Commercial Has Social Media Raging

Many people are calling out Peloton for their new commercial where the husband buys his already skinny wife an exercise bike for Christmas. Otis asked his OShow Fam what other offensive or bad gifts they have been given.

Peloton released a statement saying that people are misunderstanding the message but many peoplecan't figure out how much weight the skinny woman, who's documenting her weight loss journey, actually lost. Others are questioning who gives their wife an exercise bike for Christmas. 

Some hilarious comments like:

"Nothing says maybe you should lose a few pounds, like gifting your already rail thin wife an exercise bike"

Or this tweet

I for sure will not ever go there. Peloton's are nice but there is no way to pass that off to my wife as a caring, loving gift. That definitely tells her she should probably shed a few. Maybe just buy it at a random time and say "we should challenge each other and get back in shape". Then it's a fun couple thing.

I asked the OShow Fam what some other really bad gifts they've gotten. Listen:

Vaccums, or any appliances that make her have to do work.... also BAD!

Good luck gifting this Christmas!

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