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Furries Save A Woman From Her Attacker

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A group of Furries in CA are heroes after saving a woman from her attacker and holding him down until police arrived. No seriously!

By far the greatest story today! The FurCon convention was going on in San Jose, CA when a woman started screaming outside of the hotel where it's held. That's when the grown people dressed as giant furry mascots jumped into action to save her life.

The group noticed a woman yelling from a nearby SUV that she needed help and saw a man hitting her. They quickly grabbed him out of the car and beat him down, then jumped on top of him to hold him down until police arrived. It was caught on video.

First of all, this abuser is a worthless piece of s**t! Sorry, I grew up watching that crap and I can't stand it. Secondly, I hope he's horribly embarassed to get his butt handed to him by a dinosaur, rabbit and elmo.. or whatever they are. This is way too funny!

"Furries pulling together to stop an abuser last night was absolutely WILD," tweeted the person who recorded the video of the rescue.

(Source: ABC7)

(Photo: Getty Images)

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