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Old Video Surfaces With Kobe Bryant Explaining Why He Used The Helicopter

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With the death of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, family, fans and friends are left with so many questions. Kobe explained in an older video why he used a helicopter, and it had to do with him wanting to be a fully present Father.

The World came to a halt, as new broke that Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 others perished in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA, on their way to a basketball tournament. This morning the other 7 names where released to add to the heartache of losing a hero/legend for most. Several young girls where among the other dead in the crash. John Altobelli and Keri Altobelli with daughter Alyssa Altobelli (teammate of Gianna), Sarah Chester and Payton Chester (also young teammates of Gianna), pilot Ara Zobayan, and Assistant coach Christina Mauser, where among those killed in the tragic helicopter crash. Absolutely terrible news! Take a moment to pray for all these families and hug your families and loved ones today, because we're never promised tomorrow.

The NTSB is going to take a while to answer all our questions about what happened and how the helicopter could just crash. Speculation seems to point to possibly low visibility as a potential factor, but many times there are a lot of different factors that come in to play with these type of aviation accidents, according to the NTSB.

One question that I've hear many ask and I was curious about myself was "why where they using a helicopter, why didn't they just drive to the tournament that they where heading to?" Well, Kobe spoke about that in a video that re-surfaced and it's because he was trying hard to juggle being an NBA superstar and his most important job "Dad".

Kobe said, "traffic got horrible in L.A.... and he started missing school plays" and things that where important to him as a Dad. That's when he looked into getting the helicopter that could get him to work and home in 15 mins, so he didn't miss anything that his kids where doing. "This was a regular routine for me", he states. He had been doing this for many years, this was nothing new that day and it had always been safe. Something went wrong Sunday morning, causing this horrible event.

He wasn't just using the helicopter for vanity, this was Kobe trying to be the best Father he could be. He wanted to be fully present in his kids lives. His friends have all said, his greatest accomplishment in life wasn't all the rings and accolades, it was his kids.

I pray that all these families can find peace and healing in the Lord, with such an unexpected and life changing event. This is something most of us can't even fathom what they are feeling or will go through in the coming months. I hope they lean on family and friends for comfort and know that their loved ones are in a better place with God.

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