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Shaq Buys Laptop For A Couple In Georgia Best Buy

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Sometimes we forget celebs are real people with real emotions like us. One man in McDonough, GA found out a few kind words to Shaqullie O'Neal paid off big.

Patrick Martin and his daughter, Mo, went into a Best Buy looking for a new computer and walked out with a new (very large) friend. He shared a picture with Shaq in the McDonough Best Buy that he randomly ran into and told the story about the encounter on Facebook.

"So me and Mo just went to Best Buy to buy a laptop and we meet Shaq. We gave our condolences for his sister and Kobe. We walked off, then Shaq comes to us and says, I like yall, so get the nicest one in here and I'll pay for it.#RIPAyeshaHarrisonJex#RIPKOBE#MambaMentality."

Shaq is dealing with a lot of loss in his life right now with the tragic death of his best friend and teammate Kobe Bryant and recently his sister, Ayesha Harrison-Jex, died of cancer at the age of 40 this past October. He like the rest of us, probably has some deep hurt and maybe some depression from his major losses in life. He may be the biggest man on the planet, but he is a big ball of emotion right now I would think. Those tragedies would bring most people to their knees.

This story proves how much a few kind words can change a persons moment or day, maybe even their life. You never know what someone is going through, and it only takes a few short seconds to say something kind, or approach any scenario in a compassionate manor. Shaq obviously needed those words that day. He needed a random stranger to remind him of his value and make him feel normal. He has a million fans that probably want a picture anywhere he goes, but it sounds like the compassion that shown through in this man and his daughter, gave him enough joy to want to return some of it.. He walked back over to them and asked if he could purchase their item. A couple grand is a drop in the bucket for him, it's probably a vacation fund or extra mortgage payment for that couple.

Do something kind today! Be the change for someone and share a smile.

(Picture: Getty Images)

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