Atlanta Ranked In At 8th As Lightest Sleepers

I could sleep through a train hitting my house, but most of Atlanta wakes up if they hear a pin drop. Which are you?

It takes me forever to shut my mind off to go to sleep, but once I'm out, no waking me up.

According to a new study by Savvy Sleeper of America’s, Atlanta residents are pretty light sleepers. Atlanta was ranked 8th overall.They looked at 2,700 people in 25 major cities across the U.S. Here are some of the findings:

  • Atlanta was ranked 8th for lightest sleepers
  • Americans are almost evenly split between light and heavy sleepers
  • Women consider themselves light sleepers than men
  • More parents are light sleepers than non-parents
  • Depth of sleep varies by profession
  • There are more than twice as many light-sleeping cities as heavy-sleeping cities
  • Phoenix residents are America’s lightest sleepers, andSan Francisco Bay Area inhabitants are the heaviest sleepers.

They are still working hard to figure out exactly what causes us to be light vs. heavy sleepers. Continued study on sleep patterns, sleep spindles, sleep soundness, and related technologies will help unlock some of the mysteries.Parenting I'd say is probably one major factor for light sleeping. My wife is so acutely aware of the kids, she will wake up if they sniffle wrong. It's a source of friction, because she's like "you never hear anything!" haha. Men tend to land in the heavy sleeper category more than women too.

Your career could be a big factor too! People who work in the aviation field are the lightest sleepers (83.3% light sleepers vs. 16.7% heavy), while veterinarians and groomers are the heaviest sleepers (71.4% heavy sleepers vs. 28.6% light). In entertainment, like me, 54.5% are light sleepers.


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