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Dan & Shay Surprised Fans On Stage With Demi Lovato At Superbowl Show

Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest - Concert

Dan & Shay blew fans minds at their Super Bowl pre-game performance on Sunday, by bringing up Demi Lovato on stage to sing "Speechless" and it was amazing!

Winning their 2nd Grammy just weeks ago, back-to-back massive cross-over hits, and an invite by Budweiser to sing at their Super Bowl pre-game concert, is how Dan & Shay are living right now. They are on top of the world as musicians. A fan of theirs, who also happens to be one of the biggest pop stars in the World showed up to see them play and it lead to an amazing rendition of their Grammy award winning song "Speechless".

Manager Scooter Braun brought her backstage to meet them and they tried it out together, so they had to do it in front of fans.

(WARNING: few excited F' bombs at the end)

Demi was already set to sing the National Anthem at the game, so she popped over to see their show. She slayed on stage with them, and then went out on the field to lay down one of the greatest Super Bowl National Anthems since Whitney Houston.

Shay Mooney has one of the best voices in Country Music and Demi has one of the most powerful in Pop, so this combo was mind-blowing! Love it!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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