Man Tries Out New Fishing Pole Strength On His Girlfriend

When boys get new toys, you wanna play with them immediately. Sometimes that means your girlfriend needs to be the fish. This man tested his new fishing rod on his girlfriend and it's pretty hilarious.

He's an Australian youtuber who also love fishing. I think this video proves the Aussies are just as redneck as us southerners, because we would totally do this too! To test the strength of his new gear, To the hooked the line up to his 100lb girlfriend and her backpack while having her take off running at full speed. When he pulled back on the reel, she got stopped in her tracks.

This is basically what a fish feels like once you've got it on the line and it can't swim away. She is a runner by trade and at about 100 yards she's gets stopped in her tracks and at one point, when he yanks back on the pole, she loses her feet and falls backwards. He would've definitely had that fish.  

I now wanna try this out for fun on my wife and friends.

(photo credit: Getty)

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