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The Majority Of Serial Killers Share This Sign

Midsection Of Murderer Holding Blooded Knife Against Black Background

Many people are obsessed with true crime tv shows and podcasts, but if they have this one Astrological sign, you may want be a little cautious. One sign is linked to more serial killers than any other.

According to Britain’s the Mirror, they took a look at all serial killers in history and matched them up with their sign. While there are evil people that where born in each sign, there was one that the majority fell under, Taurus. The sign of the bull sort of makes sense that it would lead to more aggressive personality traits and narcissism found in psychopathic killers.

“[Taurus] are devoted, patient and hard-working, traits which can make for a great personality in someone who is stable and good-natured, and an evil manipulator in someone who is not,” according to the paper.

Some of the most prolific landed withing the April 20th - May 10th birth dates; H.H. Holmes, America’s first modern serial killer; Michael Ryan, responsible for the Hungerford Massacre; David Copeland, the London Nail Bomber; Canadian child-killer Karla Homolka; cannibal Albert Fish, the “Werewolf of Wysteria”; Levi Bellfield, the British child-killer and rapist; Orville Lynn Majors; Robert Black, the Scottish serial killer and pedophile; Brit Steve Wright, and Martha Beck.(NY POST)

Freakin you out a little now? Your hubby/wife watch too many killer shows while you fall asleep and he's a Taurus? Sleep with one eye open then. :-) It's probably very unlikely he/she is a serial killer.

CLICK HERE for other signs that are linked to killers, every sign has at least one. Ed Gein (who wore his victims skin) was a Virgo. Ted Bundy (the pretty face psycho) was a Sagittarius. Jeffery Dahmer (who ate his victims) was a Gemini. John Wayne Gacy (the clown killer) was a Pisces. Some of the worst and most notorious, where not Tauruses.

P.S. I'm a Taurus and I love the true crime docs ~Otis

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