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8-Year Old Who Passed Away Left Inspiring Rules For Life

"Have Fun, Always Love" where two of the rules for life that an inspiring young girl from Georgia left behind in her room. She passed away Feb. 6th from several Auto-immune diseases but in her short life left such a legacy.

Second grader, Ellie Pruitt, passed away just a few weeks ago in Cherokee County. “We were lucky to have her for those eight years,” Ellie’s mother, Heather Pruitt, told AJC.

It's amazing how God sends us angels in life, though we may not have them long, they are here to teach us lessons. Ellie was one of those angels I believe. Her parents, Heather and Chuck had the painful task of going through her stuff after she passed and in her room, they found a list the titles "My Room Rules". The list is an amazing inspiration for life and how to live it.

  1. Have Fun
  2. No fighting
  3. No pushing or shoving
  4. Always Love

Her mother said, “She started No. 5, but erased it, because she knew that’s the greatest. That’s it. If you can do all those things, you’re going to be in good shape.” 

Many business around town are spreading her message on their signs out in front of their business. The Brusters and Chic-Fil-A have both joined in.

I also am super inspired by her message and will be ending my show with it everyday, in her honor! Thank you Ellie for your words and love! Rest easy.

(Source: AJC)

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