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Young Girl Celebrates 8th Birthday Party With A Target Party


Pretty sure this is now my wife's best friend... and she's 8. An young Atlanta girl loves #Target so much, she wanted to have her birthday party there and it's pretty awesome.

Brayden Lawrence is from the Atlanta area and just turned 8 on Sunday. She begged her parents to celebrate with her friends at her favorite place... Target. They even wore khakis and red shirts with name tags. So adorable.

Her Aunt (@RikDrip) said they had to get special permission to hold the party, where the kids dressed up, "all the kids uniforms & walkies and the manager made them name tags! They did a scavenger hunt where they had to find stuff throughout the store and then put it back afterwards since that’s what employees do", she wrote on twitter.

All the kids then got gift cards to buy something, while the birthday girl checked them out.

They got Icees and had a Target cake and all. It looked like a pretty EPIC party.

I assume my wife is jealous she didn't get the invite. But she has a party with my credit cards there several times a week. THANK TARGET!

(Picture Credit: Getty)

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