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Former Bachelorette Star Arrested For Robbery And Domestic Assault

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Picking from a group of 24+ mates on "The Bachelorette" to find a potential life-partner can be a craps shoot. You never know if you'll end up with the crazy, like one former contestant who was just arrested for assault and robbery!

I'm actually shocked this hasn't happened to more contestants, having seen quite a few psychos pass through the Bachelor mansion halls. Chad Johnson, from JoJo's season, was just cuffed for assaulting his girlfriend Annalise Mishler during an argument. Police reports say she had visible scratches and red marks on her face, when police arrived. She also claimed that he ripped the phone from out of her hand while she was calling 911, which got him another charge of robbery.

Mishler has previously put a video on YouTube of Johnson in a fit of rage, claiming in the video, "So Chad just got drunk for the first time in like 50 days and punched a hole in my wall, for no f***ing reason." The couple broke up and she took his key, but he returned the next day and got himself arrested. The argument stemmed from her calling him out about notifications she saw from a dating app called Hinge. He blew up at her.

In a video she posted back in November, she was justifying her relationship with Johnson and calling it a "normal relationship" while defending him from the hater comments on social media.

Many saying why is a 50-year-old dating a 20 year old. She said "I'm 25....he portrays his age as 32". The truth is "Chad is 51. We're in [real] relationship".

WHAAAT!? That's a bombshell too! I mean... he does look like he's at least in his late 40's. I could totally see this type of behavior coming too, after seeing his actions on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

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(Source: Daily Mail)

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