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Fresh Off Coronavirus Quarantine Man Can't Stop Coughing On Fox


Man being interview on Fox News who just got out of a Coronavirus quarantine, can't stop coughing and shares his daughter's water.

Frank Wucinski and his 3-year-old daughter appeared on Fox News to talk about their Coronavirus scare after going to Japan for a funeral. They where quarantined in San Diego after officials found out they had contact with his father-in-law that passed away from the COVID-19 virus. They where in Japan during the height of the outbreak and showed possible symptoms.

He had a coughing fit during the interview that prompted reporters to ask if he was ok now. He assured them he was cleared and didn't test positive for the virus. "Fortunately from what I understand..," he said as he kept coughing, "It is contagious but the death rate is pretty low."

What bothered me most was him taking the water bottle from his daughter, drinking it, then putting it right back in her mouth. Wucinski blamed his coughing fit on "probably just nerves."



(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

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