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Garth Called " Liberal Socialist" For Wearing Sanders Jersey In Detroit

Garth Brooks is Country legend, but some people are now hating on him for what they think was a political statement.... they are all MORONS. Barry Sanders is one of the greatest NFL players EVER!

Brooks was playing a Ford Field in Detroit and, as he does at most of his shows, he wore the Jersey of the home team. More specifically, the jersey of the GOAT Barry Sanders. Of course, like anything these days, dumb people wanted to make it political and ranting about their crazy views on his Instagram, thinking it was a Bernie Sanders shout out, the liberal democratic candidate for President.

How stupid can people be? Really? Garth isn't ever one to push his political views, and if you hit up google, before you lost your mind about something you have no clue about, the world would be a better place!

Comments like "I had no idea you were a big liberal socialist! I've listened to your songs for the last time!"

"If this is truly Garth, then you've lost a fan. (sad emoji) Trump2020" or "You and that fake country music with that cowboy hat you bought at Neiman Marcus. You best beg for forgiveness from Donald Trumo if you ever expect to sell another one of your Wal-Mart country records to a real American ever again!".

This is such a hilarious facepalm moment. People are so caught up in their political ideologies and ready to pounce on anything, they don't even take the time to realize this was nothing political at all! He was honoring a Hall of Famer.

Garth's fans where quick to call out the slower people in the comments section. "Imagine being so stupid that you criticize an artist for wearing a jersey of his college classmate," one person commented. Others got a little more sarcastic writing things like "Really Garth, can't believe you are a Barry supporter! #TerrellDavis".

This is all just too hilarious! What have we come to as a country?! Stop It! Not everyone has to share your views #1 and most importantly, NOT EVERYTHING IS POLITICALLY CHARGED! Calm down and use your brain!

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