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Twitter Account Dedicated To Women With The Hottest Mugshots

@Mugshawtys is a twitter feed that shares "sexy" mugshots of ladies with criminal charges. The creator says he receives 10-15 mugshots a day from inmates wanting to be featured on the feed too.

The NY Post just did an article on this twitter feed that shares charges and photos of the world's sexiest femme fatales. The creator, Josh Jeffery, told the Post, "A lot of people send me their own mugshots — I get probably 15 to 20 plus [direct messages] a day of different ones." He said most of his posts are from submissions.

He says that many women want some sort of viral fame with their photos and many want him to share a link to their bail fund or crowdfunding accounts to raise money for bail or legal fees.

He features celebrities on the feed too, like Lindsay Lohan.

FILE: Lindsay Lohan Booking Photos

Here are a few of the recent women featured on the feed. It seems he has a thing for brunettes.

The comments are pretty hilarous on some of them too.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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