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Mom Mortified That Her Thong Fell Out Of Sons Pants At School #MomFails


Heather Nicholson shared her #momfail on Facebook about how her thong ended up in her sons pants at school. Hilarious!

Heather was said she was mortified when her son got in the car after school and was holding her thong in his hand, then said, "Momma, something funny happened today." She shared the pic of her embarrassment on Facebook.

*He starts rolling up his pant leg and pulls out my THONG!*

"I found this during music class!"

YOU GUYS my freaking thong was static clinged to the inside of his pant leg!

He said he panicked and just shoved it back up there and left it all day because he thought I would want it back!

Then he said he kept pretending to tie his shoe all day to shove them back up his pant leg.😂

After I caught my breath, I snatched them back and said "THANKS, SON!"

I mean, if you don't save your moms thong, are you even a mommas boy?🤷🏼‍♀️😂

What was your recent Mom Fail?

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