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Country Stars React To Nashville Tornado Damage

Tornado Hits Nashville, Tennessee

Maren Morris tweeted that the tornado "missed her block by an inch". Tim McGraw said "together we will rise up". And Drew Baldridge talked to Otis about the devastation many friends are left with. #NashvilleTornado

The Country Music community and family was shaken last night in their sleep as a E3 tornado ripped through Nashville and parts of Tennessee. 22 people where left dead so far, and they are still picking up the pieces and searchingfor anyone else that may have been injured or killed in the rubble.

The very pregnant Maren Morris had to be terrified, tweeting "The tornado must have missed our block by an inch because we are alright but I am so depleted looking at the damage that has happened to our beautiful city. There are so many people in the streets helping already, though. Thinking of those who lost their loved ones + homes."

Tim Mcgraw and his family were unharmed and he praised the resilience that the city of Nashville has overcoming dark times like these. He wrote, The iconic “I Believe In Nashville” murals started popping up after the big flood ten years ago. It’s stood as a symbol of resilience and togetherness. We are heartbroken for our community after last nights tragic tornado, but know that together we will rise up and rebuild again!"

Lindsey Ell shared on twitter that she was fine but "So many of my friends got hit by the storm though.. Praying for you, Nashville, and anyone who lost their home or loved ones. " and shared some scary pictures of the aftermath."

Chris Stapelton shared his thoughts and prayers and ways to help tweeting, "My wife & I are deeply saddened by last nights tragic events in Tennessee. Our thoughts & prayers are with our community. We can all help by donating directly to ( https://www.cfmt.org/story/middle-tennessee-emergency-response-fund/ … ) Please give what you can. If it’s 10 cents or 10 dollars every bit helps."

I also talked with my friend Chris Janson, who assured me that him and his family are safe but the tornado had hit where his plane was stored and it is destroyed. Also, up and coming artist and buddy Drew Baldridge gave me some insight on what it was like in Nashville, in the wake of the storm. He said his friend had "trees fell on both of his cars, his roof was ripped off, garage door was ripped off, ya know he was inside the whole time." Several of the people he knows lost everything they had in the storm but made it out alive. "Nashville just needs a lot of prayers right now and it's gonna take a while to rebuild."

Listen to the full interview and impact of the storm as he talked to me:

Reba also shared a clip of the news and wrote, "Even if the tornado didn’t hit our personal space, we are all affected because we are Nashvillians. My heart hurts for Nashville this morning.#sendingprayers"

We are praying for our country family there and will let you know of any updates or ways to help. This t-shirt is on sale of the iconic "I Believe In Nashville" sign with proceeds going to relief.

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