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Fox's Brit Hume Tweets Embarrassing Screenshot With "Sexy Vinyl Vixens" Tab

Brit Hume Screenshot - Twitter

REMINDER... you should probably close your browser tabs before screenshotting something, then tweeting it. Fox New's Brit Hume found out the hard, embarrassing way.

Hume was sending out tweets about Super Tuesday and the front-runners in each party. He took a screen shot of the Vegas odds on each candidate and people where quick to notice the open tabs in his browser in the background. Now there are so many questions on why "Sexy Vinyl Vixens" was a tab up and what he was looking at.

My biggest question is, How do you make the transition from costume fetishes,, to corona virus, to politics so fast? This guy's turn on's are ADD.

So far he's made no comment about the whoops and still hasn't taken it down. My guess is that he's still getting beat by his wife and trying to downplay and lie about he was really doing. WE ALL KNOW THAT'S A LONG CONVO!

How awkward!

This may be my favorite tweet about it.

Yeah... that's now a song in my head forever. haha

Some other pretty hilarious tweets came about too.

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