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DIY Hand Sanitizer Tips To Beat The Coronavirus


Stores everywhere are starting to ration toilet paper, hand sanitizer and wipes, and more because people are so concerned about the Coronavirus. Here's how to make your own!

The vast majority of cases in China — 87% — were in people ages 30 to 79, the China Center for Disease Control reported last month. With over 98,000 cases in the world right now, just under 100 in the U.S., and 3,500 plus deaths, many are starting to be worried they may contract the virus from travel or being in public.

The odds are still very low for the U.S., even with new cases in N.C. and Georgia just popping up, but many want to be prepared and are more aware of healthy hand cleaning. Lots of stores are reporting a shortage in sanitizer and toliet paper, so they are rationing what they have and limiting customer.

USA Today released a DIY recipe for making your own sanitizer at home. Here is what you'll need:

- 2/3 Cup of rubbing alcohol or ethanol

-1/3 Cup of aloe vera gel

Simple as that! "Good Housekeeping," also suggests you can use vodka if you can't find rubbing alcohol. Good luck explaining to Child protective services when they call you into school, why your child smells like Vodka though. haha. Seriously though, don't waste all your Vodka... you'll need it to drink if they make us all stay home from work ever!

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