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OShow Daily Quarantine Journal

Coronavirus structure

In unprecedented times, I'm keepin a daily journal on how home self-quarantine is going. So far..... not super great!

I'm a father of 3, so I can relate to the chaos that I'm sure most parents are dealing with in this social distancing age and self-quarantine at home. I thought it would be fun to keep note of the moments each day and share them with my Oshow family.

Day 1 & 2, I had a lot of plans for at home projects. Let's just say Netflix is to blame for none of that happening.

Day 3, Monday March 16th was a lot of breakdowns all around. The kids are getting cabin fever faster than my wife and I, plus my wife won't get off social media, so her anxiety is peaking too. Fun times!

Self-Quaratine Journal, Day 4... Dad Fails, and New Skills.. Who knew? !#StPats #Coronavirus

Day 5: Quarantine snacks are running out but education on point

Quarantine Day 6:Wife is anxiety buying EVERYTHING, and I Need Vodka

Quarantine Day 7 & 8: Beach chairs in the driveway proved to be therapeutic and Netflix rations have started.

Quarantine Day 9: Awkward encounters with a delivery driver and non-stop nudity

Quarantine Day 10: The Real World is now a very odd place, also cabin fever is REAL right now!

I'm going to update this daily, so check back to follow along with the journey.... this should be a trip with my wild family!

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