Christmas... in March?! House Lights & Hallmark Movies Are Back

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It's tuff to find joy and happy thoughts these days, but many people have put their Christmas lights back up "to give people some joy as they drive around" and Hallmark is bringing back Christmas Movies.

A lot of people are getting burnt out on the negative news and just wanted a little bit of happiness to hold on to, that's why sthey've started bringing the happiest time of the year... Christmas! Almost everyone cracks a smile when they see Christmas lights, and trees, and Santa. Not to mention, many people's only chance out of the house, is to take a drive around the neighborhood or local area.

Hallmark has announced a Christmas movie marathon to help everyone get through self-isolation. The network released the full schedule of 27 holiday movies that will be airing this weekend. The marathon will start Friday at noon and will wrap up Sunday at 6 p.m.

So Hot chocolate and candy canes are good too right?! I'm all for this!

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