Husband In Undies Walks In On Virtual Work Meeting

(Photo: getty Images)

We've all had to adjust to meeting online, but be careful because things can get odd real fast. This husband walked in on his wife's meeting in his underwear!

It's all in Spanish, so I don't know what she's saying or how important her virtual meeting is but the moment her husband walks in in his whitey tighties, things get real awkward. Once he notices he's on camera for her office to see, he quickly tries to exit, but runs into a door or a wall and it gets even funnier.

She will never let him live this down, and if she has god co-workers, they will post screenshots up in her cubicle for her to enjoy when they all return! This is too EPIC and something I could see myself doing for sure!

Be careful on those work meeting you have from home. I've done a couple in my underwear, with just a shirt on. You know... cause you can only see chest up. #WorkLife #QuarantineLife

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