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"Tiger King" Bashed Miranda Lambert In Video That Just Surfaced

Ok... so the guy that's in jail for attempted murder for hire and animal cruelty, has issues with how Miranda rescues animals?! #TigerKing

Miranda put up some pics of several years ago when she met the Joe Exotic the "Tiger King" and the two worked together to rescue animals after a Hurricane.

One fan commented under the photo saying:

"This was September 2017, during the rescue of shelter animals from hurricane Harvey. They needed volunteers with trailers and kennels to help move animals from Texas to Oklahoma and Joe and his crew helped. Joe told me about meeting Miranda and her Mutt Nation crew."

But then....

There's an older interview with Joe Exotic, where he talks SMACK about Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundation from when he says he assisted her in rescuing animals after a hurricane. He claims several dogs where in poor condition and not treated, didn't have food or water for transport and they falsified paperwork to get them across state lines.

Watch it below:

In a lot of animal rescue situations, you're rescuing malnourished animals, and transporting them to a better life. Sometimes things may not be done by the book, in order to expedite the rescues and not let animals suffer or die from inaction. I'd guess he's exaggerating a bit for the drama and I'd guess the MuttNation foundation wasn't doing thing in an effort to harm animals.

Let's just all agree Joe... that at least Carol Baskin wasn't there tryna feed them all to Tigers... am I right?

(photo: Getty Images)

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