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British Woman Is In A Relationship With Her Chandelier

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Amanda Liberty has petition the British government to secure her love with a light fixture as a protected sexual preference. This #Quarantine is getting to us all!

Wedding plans are in the works for a British woman that claims she is sexually attracted to her favorite light fixture. After petitioning British regulators, they advised her they will not consider her attraction to light fixtures a protected sexual orientation. 

Liberty wasn't at all happy about the new or the way she was portayed by a columnist who wrote about her love for the chandelier in an annual ‘awards’ column. It was titled ‘Dim & Dimmer?’ and Liberty thought it was discriminatory. The paper said it didn't doubt Liberty's attraction to the light fixture, but argued that discrimination rules didn't pertain to the attraction between a person and an object. They agreed with the paper and through out the petition.

Objectophilia is a legit condition where people find attraction to inanimate objects.

I gotta be honest... this #QuarantineLife is affecting my brain too. I saw my shower for the first time in like 3 days and was feeling some type of way this morning. I hear ya Amanda! haha

I wonder how she felt about Katy Perry at the Met Gala last year! This probably got her all hot and bothered.

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